What our satisfied clients wrote about us


In the Institute of Ján Popovič, MD we specialise in hair transplantations and thickening of hair and eyebrows. Using the cutting-edge FUE technique we have managed to change the lives of many of our clients and restore their confidence. As we highly value the privacy of your clients, their names are not provided.


Transplantation changed their lives

We helped Kathy and Pete change their lives. Hair transplantation for Pete and eyebrow thickening for Kate made them new people with newly found self-confidence.

“I would like to thank the entire institute for making people’s dreams come true, making people more beautiful, more confident, and happier. Also thanks in advance for my future beauty, I cannot wait!”


Professional approach in a relaxing environment

„I would like to thank Dr. Popovič and the entire institute for their professional services, pleasant friendly atmosphere, and all their support before and after the surgery. I can really recommend them.“ Ivan


Great full transplant in a nice environment

At our clinic we are a professional team delivering perfect work. It is very important for us to make clients feel good.

On Tuesday and Wednesday last week I underwent full hair transplant at the clinic of Dr. Popovič. The transplant involved 2,000 grafts. I would like to thank Dr. Popovič and the nurses for doing a great job.

I must highlight the human approach and perfect professional attitude of the entire team. I have spoken to more clinics and am very happy to have picked this one. I really recommend them to anyone wishing to restore self-confidence. I can’t wait for my big hair! Thanks again! Happy client


Positive change of life thanks to hair transplantation

Prior to the procedure we are offering free consultations where clients find out everything they need to know about us, about their condition, and about the procedures that will need to be done.

“I underwent hair transplantation at this clinic under Dr. Popovič, and was more than happy with the consultation, the actual process, and with its result.

The approach, the care, and the atmosphere during the procedure were absolutely professional. Thank you very much, Dr. Popovič, and your entire team for bringing a major positive change into my life.“