Do not believe any myths

about hair thickening

Transplantation is the only effective solution

5 myths about hair thickening

Do you suffer excessive hair loss? Did you try various methods and all without any effect? There are many “verified” recipes and products guaranteeing thicker hair. However, they have one thing in common. They don’t work. Read about the 5 hair thickening myths that we encounter all the time.


Miraculous spray to thicken your hair

A myth that does not help at all

Surely you have heard about a spray ensuring natural thickening of hair. The truth is that it does not make your hair any thicker. Its main purpose is just to cover up for your thinning forehead and the bald skin patches. Do not believe this trick. It really is just a visual trick that does not solve your problem.


The solution is in pills

A myth that will drain your wallet

Sufficient intake of vitamins will naturally affect your entire organism, hair included. Expensive vitamins that are sold in pharmacies or over the internet may help mildly weakened hair, but do not expect miracles if your hair has already fallen out. Therapy with pills and food supplements is a long run with very uncertain results. The only thing guaranteed is that it will drain your wallet.


Volumizing shampoo will do the trick

A myth that doesn’t help you with hair loss.

This myth really makes us laugh. There is no shampoo that would replace your fallen hair or would stop hair fall. None of the advice on how to gently apply shampoo, on the amount of the shampoo, or the frequency of washing your hair works either. Your hair won’t start growing even if you use the volumizing shampoo every day.


Artificial hair looks natural

A myth that will not add anything to your beauty.

A frequent replacement of fallen-out or thinned women’s hair is so-called clip-in hair. These are very expensive strands of artificial hair that are clipped to own hair. At first sight (from a distance) this may look effective. But in the close-up you start seeing the clips and all the magic is gone. This is not natural at all. Another downside of this solution is the fact that you must be extremely careful when handling the clip-ins otherwise the strands become loose and fall out. Clip-ins also require frequent visits to the hairdresser to fix them and move them up which makes the entire procedure even more expensive.


An expensive product is better

A myth that will not ensure the expected effect.

Surely you know the proverb about not being so rich to buy cheap things. Many producers of food supplements and special products based their entire business and pricing policy on this single statement. They rely on you wanting to care for your hair and being willing to pay more. It’s a trap. Do not trust them – you would pay really a lot without any effect on your hair.

The only effective solution for you is hair transplantation. It is a revolutionary technique in hair transplantation. The beauty of this technique is the fact that from the hands of a skilled surgeon it does not leave any visible scars.

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