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Hair transplantation

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We are specialists in hair transplantation

MUDr. Ján Popovič


Hair transplantation with high percentage of survival of the transplanted grafts.

At the institute of Ján Popovič, MD we are restoring our clients’ confidence that they often lose with the gradual loss of their hair. We use cutting-edge minimum-invasive and painless micro FUE technique that is performed microscopically under local anaesthesia and does not leave any scars.

In aesthetic medicine we focus only on hair transplantation. Thanks to this we can offer you a broad portfolio of our services, high precision, and professional medical care prior to the procedure, during it, and afterwards. We will help you sort out your baldness, thinning of hair and eyebrows, covering of scars, and also any potential poor effects of mesotherapy.

Calculator for graft calculation


We have created a handy calculator that will guide you in calculating hair grafts before they are intended to be transplanted. The calculator is based on average values. In order to achieve the perfect result, we will determine the definitive number of hair grafts you need together according to your expectations, thickness, density, and hair texture for personal consultation.

Zone Number of grafts
1 250
2 550
3 450
4 500
5 1000
6 650
7 350

Let us convince you


Our clinic is different from others. Consult with specialists in hair transplantation.

New! Trichological examination of hair

Mesotherapy with stem cells and growth factors

Maximum precision method at angles and depths, without any scars.

Initial consultation is free of charge

Thick transplantation,70 – 80 grafts per 1 cm2

Direct Hair Implantation a unique way to implant hair high accuracy

Procedures also during weekends

We are based in Bratislava

Transplantation of up to 3,000 grafts in a single session

Transplantation without the need of cutting all your hair

A unique way to increase the viability of transplanted hair grafts

Accommodation directly in the City Hotel Bratislava complex.

Detailed analysis of hair density, structure, thickness, length and count.

Photographs of patients before and shortly after hair transplantation

Hair transplantation de novo

Method that helps you sort out your baldness.

Reallocation of your hair follicles (grafts) from the donor zone (back part of head) to areas affected by baldness (upper and front part of head) using minimally invasive technique micro FUE. After an initial marking of the hairline of your target zone the hair on the entire head is cut (maximum length of hair 1 mm). Hair follicles are then extracted in the required amount and are implanted into the marked target zone.

Guide price: large package L or super package XL

Eyebrow transplantation

Get your thick eyebrows back

Eyebrow transplantation is a unique method for restoring the natural shape and thickness of eyebrows. It is suitable both for men and women although it is more often requested by women. It is performed using the micro FUE technique while the number of the required hair follicles is limited. As in the eyebrows, hair follicles usually contain just one hair each, we need to implant this particular type of follicles. They are located on the nape from where we extract them.

Guide price: 700 – 1000 €

Hair thickening

Do not worry about your thinning hair.

The method of hair thickening is practically identical for both men and women. Hair follicles are usually implanted among existing hair without any prior cutting. Only a small area is cut in the donor zone (the size depends on the number of hair follicles required) and becomes almost invisible in women’s long hair.

Guide price: medium package M or large package L

Hair transplantation to cover scars

Safe and gentle coverage of your scars.

The method is suitable for covering various types of scars on the hairy part of the head. Hair follicles are reallocated from the donor zone into the scar using the mentioned micro FUE technique. As just a limited number of hair follicles are needed to cover a scar, only a very small part of the donor zone needs to be cut. The target zone is not cut at all.

Guide price: msmall package S or medium package M

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) method

The method increases the vitality of the hair follicles and facilitates healing of tissues following surgery.

The procedure takes place in an outpatient regime and takes 20 – 30 minutes. First of all, we take a sample of blood as in a standard blood sampling and centrifuge it to obtain plasma that contains many platelets. The plasma, enriched with platelets, contains large amounts of growth factors and proteins with excellent regenerative effect. This serum is then applied into the area with the implanted grafts to improve and facilitate healing of tissues and stimulate the growth of new hair.

We are the only specialised clinic in Slovakia offering the PRP method.

Arrange a consultation with Ján Popovič, MD through our contact form.

The introductory price of the procedure is 200 €

Beard transplantation

Get a perfect beard and be trendy again.

Those who are not lucky to have a naturally thick facial hair can benefit from transplantation. The procedure is similar to hair transplantation, involving the reallocation of individual hair follicles using the FUE method from one part of the head to another. Just as in standard hair transplantation, in beard transplantation it is important to implant the hairs under the appropriate angle and thickness. Suitable candidates are men with thin beards or with areas without facial hair. Beard transplantation is also suitable for men with scars on the hairy parts of their face. Facial hair usually does not grow on scarred tissue, which makes scars stand out. Transplanted hairs may effectively cover the scar. Transplanted facial hair is permanent as the follicles are extracted from areas resistant to balding.

Guide price: The price of the transplantation depends on the number of the follicles transplanted. Those who only wish to cover small areas pay around 1,000 €. With larger areas of transplanted hair the price naturally increases.

Trichological examination of hair

There are many causes of hair loss. Before a decision is made as regards specific treatment it is advisable to undergo trichological examination based on which specialists can determine the cause of the problem and the most suitable treatment.

Our clinic now offers complex trichological examination based on which you will get a detailed case history as regards the origin and development of your hair loss problem.

The examination includes digital trichoscopy, where a special camera connected to a computer is used. The camera takes pictures which are magnified up to 120x and which show valuable information as regards the cause of the problem; since it is possible to see the features typical of specific conditions not visible to the naked eye. These pictures are stored so they can be compared with further examinations of the patient.

Based on the findings of the first consultation and the digital trichology results, the trichologist determines the diagnosis and suggests appropriate treatment for the specific patient, or proposes any additional examinations to be carried out by other specialists or by GPs.

Guide price: 70 €


Initial consultation is always unbinding and free of charge.


Small package

  • up to 1,200 grafts
  • Eyebrow transplantation
  • Hair transplantation into scar

2 450 €

1 200 €


Medium package

  • up to 1,800 grafts
  • Hair thickening
  • Hair transplantation into scar

3 450 €

1 250 – 1 800 €


Large package

  • up to 2,200 grafts
  • Hair transplantation de novo
  • Hair thickening

4 950 €

1 850 – 2 300 €


Super package

  • up to 3,200 grafts
  • Hair transplantation novo

5 950 €

2 350 €

Prior to transplantation


Prior to the procedure a consultation with Dr. Popovič is necessary.


Consultations may take place at our clinic in Bratislava or online. Dr. Popovič identifies indications and contraindication to see whether you are a suitable patient for undergoing such a procedure or if there are any objective reasons (such as allergies) that would disable you from undergoing the procedure. The initial consultation is unbinding and free of charge.

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